Specification & Costs

Budgeting to build your Scothaus home

Working out how much it will cost to build your Scothaus home is a fundamental part of planning your project. If you're unfamiliar with planning and budgeting this can be a stressful part of having a new home designed and built. The Scothaus team can and will help you to plan and cost your project in detail

Scothaus Core System Specification

The Scothaus Core System is significantly more than what is often referred to as a 'timber kit'.  The Scothaus Core System is an integrated structure comprising external walls with doors and windows factory-fitted, fully fabricated internal walls, mid-floor panels and roof cassettes, assembled on site to wind-and-watertight within a few days. Your Scothaus home will have been structurally and thermally engineered by our technical team, based on your design and specification choices.

Here are the main elements of the Scothaus Core System:

• External walls with windows and external doors factory-fitted, c/w rainscreen carrier board and plasterboard fitted to external and internal faces respectively

• External window sills factory-fitted

• Internal window sills supplied

• Internal partitions, c/w plasterboard fitted

• Mid-floor panels, ceiling plasterboard supplied

• Roof cassettes, ceiling plasterboard supplied

• Flashings supplied

• Staircase supplied

• Rainwater goods (zinc) supplied and partially fitted

• Internal doorsets and finishings (facings and skirtings) supplied

Fitting-Out and Finishing Your Scothaus Home

Once your Scothaus Core System has been erected, your own contractors will be able to complete the Scothaus System on site and commence the fit-out and finish of your home, in wind-and-watertight conditions, as follows:

To complete the Scothaus Core System on site:

• External render/rain-screen applied/constructed

• Non-integrated balconies constructed

• Internal service walls closed/finished

• Plasterboard fitted to ceilings after services installed

• Internal window sills fitted

• Roof tiles supplied and fitted

• Rainwater goods fitted

• Internal doorsets and finishings hung/fitted

• Staircase assembled

To fit-out and finish your Scothaus home:

  • Electrical works

  • Plumbing and heating works

  • Install mechanical ventilation and heat recovery

  • Install sanitaryware

  • Install kitchen

  • Fit flooring

  • Complete tiling, painting and decorating

Factors Affecting the Cost of Your Scothaus Home

The cost of your Scothaus home will depend on 4 key factors:

Site.  The nature and characteristics of your site.

Size. The size of your home.

Design.  The degree of design complexity of your home.

Specification.  The level of specification you choose for your home - which includes the specification of the Scothaus Core System and of your desired fit-out and finishes (the heating and hot water systems, your kitchen, the sanitaryware, tiling, flooring etc).


Typically, over half of all your building costs – for any type of home building project - will be spent on materials.  This means that the specification of your home (including, of course, the specification of your Scothaus system itself) will have the biggest impact on your budget.

Your Scothaus Core System will account for a high proportion of your total build cost (excluding groundworks).  We can work with you to assemble your Scothaus Core System cost plan; we have control over these costs. Once your Scothaus Core System has been designed, specified and costed by the factory, the price is fixed.  This fixed element of your self-build project can represent up to 70% of the cost of your new home (excluding the groundworks).  This in turn has an enormous impact on lowering the cost-risk of construction, because we fix the cost of your Scothaus Core System when you place your order.

You should budget not less than £950 per square metre for your Scothaus Core System, the actual cost of which will depend on the final specification you choose.  The pie chart below gives you an indication of the relative proportions of your budget, showing clearly that the largest element - the Scothaus Core System - is a fixed cost.

Scothaus Budget Chart v2.0

Cost and Time Certainty

One of the most significant advantages to having your new home constructed using the Scothaus off-site manufactured system is the degree of cost and time certainty associated in building this way.

Traditional construction methods often result in unforeseen variations to the construction cost and the construction programme.  These unforeseen variations often relate to the design and specification of your home not having been thought through in detail from the outset (which is a prerequisite for off-site manufactured homes), or they relate to weather effects or other unpredictable on-site events over the many months involved in traditional construction.

Once your Scothaus home enters in to production, not only is the cost fixed, but also the delivery date is fixed.  This means that your Design Team and the various contractors involved in fitting out and finishing your home can plan their own programmes of work around a specific date. You and they can also be sure that your home will be wind-and-watertight within days and that the potential impact of weather effects (delays) is virtually eliminated - because most of the remaining works will be to the interior of your home.  Your Scothaus project is highly likely to finish on time.

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