Speed of Build

Scothaus: wind-and-watertight within days - on-site construction time reduced by half

One of the greatest advantages of the Scothaus system is the dramatic reduction in on-site construction time. Even then, once your Scothaus home is erected and ready for fit-out and finishing by you or your tradesmen, the activities on-site are primarily interior works and so largely unaffected by weather conditions


A 4-Stage Self-Build Process

The on-site activities of your Scothaus project comprise 4 main stages:

Stage 1 - Groundworks.  First you need to have suitable foundations prepared by a groundworks contractor appointed by you.  We will help you and your Design Team (your architect and your engineer) design and specify the foundations required.

Stage 2 - Scothaus Core System Assembly.  Then, after we've inspected the foundations to ensure that they're suitable to accept your new home, your Scothaus system is delivered to site and erected by the Scothaus Build Team.

Stage 3 - Scothaus Core System Finish.  Finally, to finish the Core System, you will be required to arrange for the carrying out of certain on-site works including supplying-and-fitting the external rainscreen (typically a Sto render finish) and the roof tiles.  Scothaus supplies your staircase and rainwater goods for fitting by you or your appointed tradesmen.  When the Scothaus Build Team hands over your Core System for completion on site - usually after just a few days - the house is wind-and-watertight at that stage.

Stage 4 - Fit-Out and Finish.  Finally, you will arrange for the other trades associated with fitting out and finishing your home to attend the site to complete the works on your Scothaus home.  Indeed, this Stage can start and run concurrently with Stage 3 above, keeping the pace of your project moving swiftly.


You can read more about the Scothaus construction activities on the On-Site Construction page.


Manufacturing Drawings: 2 - 4 Weeks.  Once your home is designed the way that you want it, and you have statutory approval to commence construction works on your site, your designs are taken by the Scotframe Technical Team who prepare the manufacturing drawings: this takes between 2 and 4 weeks to complete, depending on the complexity of your design.  You and your architect will be asked to review Scotframe's manufacturing drawings to ensure that they reflect the design and specification details that you require.

Manufacturing: 10 - 12 Weeks.  Once your manufacturing drawings are approved by you, your designs will be submitted for production.  The factory production process takes between 10 and 12 weeks.  Most of this time relates to the manufacture and supply of key components of your home, particularly the windows, glazed panels and external doors which are supplied from Germany.  The manufacture of your wall panels (integrating the windows and doors as required), floor and roof cassettes takes just days prior to delivery and is all carried out in the Scotframe factory at Cumbernauld.

Foundations: Prepared Prior to System Delivery.  Whilst your Scothaus home is being manufactured, in the weeks prior to delivery you would ensure that the foundations are laid, the drainage infrastructure is prepared and the site is generally made ready to accept the Scothaus system.

Scothaus Core System Assembly: 5 Days.  Your Scothaus Core System will be delivered to your site on the day specified at the commencement of the manufacturing stage 10 - 12 weeks earlier.  Knowing the delivery date so far in advance allows you, your Design Team and the other contractors involved in your project to plan and budget with certainty - a rare thing in the traditional construction industry!  The Scothaus Build Team will erect your Scothaus Core System to wind-and-watertight usually within about 5 days.

Scothaus Core System Finish: 1 - 2 Weeks.  Your tradesmen will need a couple of weeks on site to complete your Scothaus Core System, carrying out the tasks described in Stage 3 above.  By now, you and/or your tradesmen will also be working concurrently to commence the Stage 4 activities, fitting-out and finishing your new home.

Fit-Out and Finish: 6 - 8 Weeks.  Depending on the size of your home and the nature of the various specifications you have chosen (heating system, electrical facilities, sanitaryware, kitchen etc), your Scothaus home will take 6 - 8 weeks to complete on site, perhaps longer if yours is a major project.


It is normal for a traditional construction project to be around 6 - 9 months on site with all of the disruption, noise, uncertainty, delays, unexpected costs and waste too often associated with building in the old-fashioned way. A Scothaus project will normally involve just 6 - 8 weeks on site.