Scothaus reduces unwanted sounds emanating from in and around your home

The annoyance and disruption caused by noise from outside your house or from neighbouring dwellings can have a major impact on the enjoyment of your home and your quality of life. In the past 15 years, domestic complaints about noise have risen 5-fold. Noise can result in frustration, anger and sleep disturbance. Evidence shows that noise can also act as a catalyst for other adverse effects on health. A Scothaus home is a quiet home

Acoustic Performance

Along with thermal performance (energy efficiency), building regulations/standards are driving up the requirement for new homes to achieve high levels of acoustic performance, that is noise reduction.  As with thermal performance, high levels of acoustic performance require careful design, appropriate specification of fabric, good construction standards and generally high quality workmanship.  The Scothaus system meets all of these design, specification and construction criteria.  Consequently, a Scothaus home is a quiet home and, all things being equal, a healthier home.

Internal Walls & Floor Screed

Scothaus offers significant noise reduction advantages over other houses, particularly traditionally constructed homes.  The Scothaus internal walls are substantial structures in their own right (you can see an animation of the wall types by clicking on the Scothaus Advantage page) and contribute greatly to making your home quiet.  In addition, your Scothaus home has screed (a poured cement layer) applied to both the ground and first floors. This combination of substantial internal walls and screed floors means that your Scothaus home is an exceptionally quiet home.