Why Scothaus?

Why choose Scothaus for your dream home? We'll tell you why here.

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Made in Scotland for Living in the UK

Scothaus is the result of 25 years of timber system engineering research, development, manufacturing and construction experience.  Our approach offers a compelling combination of flexible design and production excellence to meet your needs.  Each home we make is created for the unique landscape and climate of these shores. Your house will be entirely at home in its setting; beautiful to look at; wonderful to live in; and kind to the environment.

We'll Help You Self-Build

The Scothaus team can assist you with your self-build project: from the conception of your design ideas to handover of your house keys.  We'll assist your architect with the design of your home for Scothaus manufacture, and with the statutory approvals for construction.  We'll work with you, your architect and the Scotframe technical team to have your Scothaus home specified and prepared for manufacture.  We'll ensure that the Scothaus Core System is delivered to your site and assembled by Scothaus's own expert build team.  We can work with you to ensure that your house is finished to the highest standards.  We'll advise on the fit-out and finish scope of works and the tradesmen required to complete your Scothaus home.

We Live the Dream With You

We have a passion for supporting self-builders. The prospect of building your own home from scratch can be daunting. Not with Scothaus. We're with you every step of the way, advising and assisting on each phase of the project, from design by your architect, through manufacture by Scotframe, to assembly of your Scothaus Core System by one of our expert build teams. This may be your home, designed to your specifications; but, this is our life and work. And you'll benefit from all of our experience, from all of our expertise.

Visit Scotframe Timber Engineering

If you would like to take a closer look at Scotframe Timber Engineering, the company which will manufacture your Scothaus home at its facilities in Cumbernauld, then click here.